Who We Are?

Our Mission

To provide Travel Experiences that open the Heart, challenge the Mind and connect the Soul!

There is nothing ordinary about travelling with Tour Gaia.
Life changing,  yes!
Beyond the status quo, of course!
Enlightening, in the most unexpected of ways, for sure!
Are you ready?

Travel Europe

Extraordinary Experiences

Amazing things happen as we allow our journey to unfold with true connection and divine immersion into lands forgotten, peoples with ancient wisdom and spiritual time for you to become a conscious part of your own enlightening evolutionary story. Deep healing and realisations take place. Life is never the same again.

Tour Gaia was born out of our love for both travel and our wonderful planet, Gaia, and the secrets and truths she holds.

We are ordinary humans with an extraordinary desire to enjoy our adventures across our earth with a small group of people who have the same ambitions as us.

To see and experience magnificent scenery, to  get right next to and inside of nature and to share a greeting with her wildlife, as we feel the touch of the heart of our Gaia as we meet soul to soul.

life changing moments

Our Core Values

Compassionate Leadership

Open and Honest communication

To always improve on

To be of Service

To Empower



To Seek Truth!